Saturday, 14 January 2017

Sleep Not...

As weary as I am

I do not crave sleep

I fear its touch

For the loss of all

It takes

For the stolen moments

Of my life it harvests

When spent

I have lost the battle

To stay awake.

I tremble

Before the monsters

Sleep delivers

As they drag

My soul

Through chambers

Bedecked in dread

But most of all

Terror stalks

My senses

With the knowledge that

Sleep is but a taste

Of death.

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. I imagine that when the time comes I'll not like it, but I have no sense of fear now, even as it nears. I should have died so many times. In some ways I welcome it. A new sensation, and one I'll only have to experience least only once in a lifetime, supposing we live more than once! 😱😎

    1. Well, never knows what, if anything, is on the other side....but so long as wherever we end up has wifi....we'll be ok, I suspect ;) x

  2. Love it as usual! Upon death I believe a portal waits leading all into another realm...❤

    1. I love the idea of that, Zully...and thank you! x