Thursday, 29 September 2016

No Tears...

Another tangent poem of mine that's a work in progress best suited, I feel, to song rather than word but until such time I find the melody....I shall share with you the piece in its VERY raw state!


I won't cry now you are leaving

 I swore you'd never see me cry.

I'll wear this smile that's so deceiving

But the pretence helps me get by.

I won't walk into our bedroom

And see us lying there

I'll close my eyes on all the good times

And let you think that I don't care.

I won't listen to our old songs

I'll find new ones of my own

Even though the music we made

Plays in my mind when I'm alone

I won't linger over old photographs

Reliving how we used to be

You don't need to know those images

Are etched in my memory

I won't see you both together

And die some more inside

I'll be stronger now than ever

Just too weak to lift that lie

Poem only  © Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Oh, the pain!
    Seriously, this should be a song, it will break hearts...

    1. Thanks, Anita...At some point I'm hoping to collaborate with a someone who can put music to my words....I am to music what a fork is to soup... :)

  2. Loved it Lynn. Yes definitely song lyrics here I found myself trying out some melodious possibilities here. I'm thinking Adele???

    1. My OH said Adele I'll send the finished piece to her and see what happens.. :) Thank you again for your much appreciated comments...