Sunday, 14 August 2016

In The Mix...

Find me the recipe

For a perfect mum

And let me

Bake you a cake

And when I do

Be sure to chew


On all the mistakes

To savour what real mums

Are made of

'Cos they're not

Just sugar and spice

They're little nuggets

Of worry

Mixed up with some

Misplaced advice

But that's because all mums

Are human

And sometimes

They think they know best

So they do what they do

And place guidelines for you

Which you, in turn

Try to resist

And sometimes

Mums make wrong decisions

But not out of malice

Nor mood

But because life does not

Make it easy

To do the right thing

For ones brood

So when next

You spend time disgruntled

Wishing mum had

Given you a break

Take time to appreciate

The flavours

Of the love

She whisked into

Your cake.

Poem only ©  Copyright Lynn Gerrard


  1. Lovely poem Lynn. Mum,s are the cakes we all need a slice of.

  2. Oh this really touched me. Too lovely, Lynn! As a mum, this really bakes my cake xxx

  3. My mum is a chocolate sponge with bits of caramelised sugar - tough but sweet

  4. I have been appreciating my mom a lot in my adult life. As a kid she was the worst (or so my silly brain told me)

    1. Yes...and that notion was the inspiration behind my poem :)