Thursday, 4 August 2016

Feast Of The Succubus...

Lured by the succulent scent of unrepentant sin

The Succubus stood before the naked figure

Sprawled, in deep repose, upon the bed.

Eyes as baleful as they were beautiful

Heavy with demonic desire

Coveted the magnificence of his shape

Whilst her glistening tones shivered with lustful intent.

Aroused by the abundant corruption of this vile soul

The Succubus smiled, flicking a moist, black tongue 

Across the ready fullness of her blood red lips

In devilish anticipation of the whorish torments yet to unfold.

The man shifted within the shadows of his slumber

Drugged by the lascivious vapours oozing 

From the creatures wanton presence

His body rippling with subtle arches of tremorous urgency

Straining for release.

Satan's Temptress slid upon his shape with artful grace

Dark kisses drawing sustenance from every pore

Of the depraved opiate that was his fleshy essence

Whilst knowing fingers teased the rigidity of his hunger.

Rarely had she encountered a vessel 

As perversely polluted as the one which lay beneath her

Thus her passion became inflamed.

Meeting the arc of the mortal's desperate thrusts

She lowered herself onto him with fevered haste.

Writhing in wicked ecstasy as the fullness of his debauchery 

Penetrated the profanity of her being.

The Demon smothered the body's euphoric moans 

With the luscious fragrance of her song

Filling the air with a chorus of Hells rhapsodies

As, with one mighty surge, his monstrous ejaculate 

Erupted throughout her, resplendent in its malignancy.

And thus the deed was done.

Impregnated with the seeds of countless sins 

The Succubus vanished into the sulphuric ether

Deliciously satiated until such time as she must feed again.

As dawn's light brushed against the stained glass windows

Perplexed as to his weakened state

Oblivious to his nights labours

The priest leaned shakily against the pulpit

And prepared to deliver his forthcoming sermon

'The Evils of Sin'.

Poem only ©  Copyright Lynn Gerrard 2.8.2012


  1. Shiver. Powerful stuff, Lynn!

    1. Thanks, Val......all borne from my school-hood days back at the convent xx

  2. Wow, never saw the end part coming. Very powerful indeed.

    1. Thank you, Zully....I wrote that from my soul.... x