Sunday, 24 April 2016

Clicks An' Licks...

She pressed the phone against her ear

The noise was strange, not very clear

And so she pressed and pressed some more

But all remained as was before

A whispering, hissing, rasping sound

Crackled within a weird background

Of haunting tones of groans and moans

And grinding creaks as of old bones

And though she knew she should resist

She pressed some more and with a twist

She bent the venting phone much closer

But sure enough the gross got grosser

When suddenly a thing went click

And in her ear a something licked

Then down and deep and deeper still

A slimy, slithering, something drilled

And burrowed through the fatty matter

Of her craniums brainy batter

And as her eyes began to bulge

She pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled

But to her ear the phone was fixed

And onward went the viscous licks

'Till, flopping through the other side

The thing squelched on as her battery died.

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard 


  1. can something be grossly amazing? Well this poem certainly was...

    1. Haha! And I am so glad for that! Thank you, Anita :)

  2. Guess that's what happens when you plant a phone and water it in salivary spittle, a monsterous growth! Nice one Lynn :)

    1. Haha! I expect it is! Thanks, Zoe... :)

  3. Marvellous rendition of the unspeakable and I particularly liked 'brainy batter' phrase. Puts a new spin on 'in one ear out of the other'.

    1. And a great comment from your goodly self! Thank you :)