Saturday, 16 April 2016

Behind Closed Doors...

Our world exists

Behind closed doors

Where we hide from being judged

By the duplicity

Of yours

Yet even here we are not safe

From the preconceptions

And the prejudice.

You see, the world out there

Needs to get to know

The people whose lives

Are lived and lost

Behind closed doors

Instead of  branding and labelling

All it perceives 

To be a virulent strain

Of humanity

A mental illness is not a disease

It cannot be transmitted

Through a cough or through a sneeze

Ignorance is the germ to avoid

A contagious bug

Which must be destroyed

By injecting understanding

And paving the way

Towards saving us from stigma

By stripping us of shame.

© Copyright Lynn Gerrard 


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    1. Thanks again for reading my stuff, Markus, and for your much appreciated comments...