Friday, 18 January 2013


Jennifer Parker stumbled through the graffiti littered park

Before stopping to rest upon an old bench, artfully displaying 

Its splatterage of pigeon droppings. 

Here, beneath the dull glow of the flickering street lamp,

She scratched the foul, weeping irritation 

That was her scalp and considered

The inconvenience of her condition.

Just what she needed,

Yet another something to accentuate her difference,

More ammunition for the mocking mindless.

She'd never fit in anywhere or with anybody really,

Too fat, too plain, too not like them to be worth knowing,

That's how everyone had treated her,

Especially the other kids at the home.

Hating themselves wasn't enough

They had to hate everyone else too

Particularly people like Jenny who had their own opinions,

Own wants, own style, own beliefs, own dreams

Yeah...she was always going to be an outsider

And now!...More so than ever.

Enjoying another enthusiastic scratch of her head, 

As a finger nail detached itself from a slime drenched finger

To tangle within the matted mess that was her hair,

Jennifer wondered what would happen to her now.

Running away from the home had seemed like a good idea at the time

But she'd just swapped one set of problems for another

As was apparent by her current situation.

Even now the new group were pressing hard upon her

To do what they did in the manner they did it,

Insisting their way was the only way and that lack of compliance 

Would lead to unbearable suffering.

Regardless of their threats and no matter the sacrifice

She would not give in to this bullying, band of tormentors.

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by an involuntary surge

Of thick, lumpy, black, glutinous fluid

Spilling from her mouth to dribble down her chin whilst carrying in its flow

Her two front teeth.

Jennifer groaned .

Realistically, despite the stoic adherence to her principles,

She wasn't sure how much more of this appalling degradation she could take

Before she finally and reluctantly conformed to the others way of existing 

After was bad enough being a Zombie but...

Being a Zombie vegetarian was just about killing her!

Poem only ©  Copyright Lynn Gerrard 2.8.2012


  1. HAHAHAH, absolutely the most disgusting, reeking, abhorrent, distasteful (like the synoyms?) piece of tripe I've ever enjoyed immensely. :D

  2. Hahahahaha!...and that's my favourite comment so far!!..Soooooooo funny!! Hap!...x

  3. It's always hard being different. It's tough enough being a vegetarian (or a zombie), but vegetarian zombie has got it pretty bad.