Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sweet Vanity...

Sweet Vanity

Have you no shame?

How many souls

Have you now claimed?

How many lives

Forget to live?

Too busy taking

Too selfish to give.

Poem only  © Copyright Lynn Gerrard

Friday, 11 September 2015

The Mourning of Missing...

There is a strange comfort

In missing a thing

A peculiar joy 

In the sadness it brings

When all that once was

Is forever no more

And the hurt in the heart

Cuts right down to the core.

For despite all the tears

And the sobs from the soul

It's the pained reminiscing

That lets you keep hold

Of the thing that is gone

Through each stab and each ache

Of the mourning of missing

Which keeps you awake

So you can relive

Better times way back when

The mourning of missing

Was yet to begin

Then in sneaks once more

That feeling of yearning

Composed of the pitiful, miserable burning

That tugs at your guts

Reminding your mind

That the mourning of missing

Does not vanish with time.

Poem only  © Copyright Lynn Gerrard

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Life's Ballet...

I have no want

To slip gracefully into old age

To bow meekly and weakly

Before those whose flesh

Still twangs with the elasticity of life!

I refuse to buckle

Under the weight of glances

Cruelly appointed from cataract-free eyes

Too ignorant to realise the limits

Of their tunnelled vision!

I will not submit

To the propaganda of youth

Willing me to tumble into the grave

That I may free the landscape

From the horror of my ever crumbling presence!

Not I!

I shall pirouette

Into my more wisely years

On learned legs

And enjoy the ballet of my nonchalance

And the discomfort 

My forthright twirls

Afford the onlooker.

I shall sing my song of nonsense

Where e'r I go

Loudly and without conscience

Laughing at the moon

As I skip and trip and slip

Into the new adventures

My longevity provides!

And when all that is done

I shall  lay my head upon a pillow

Fluffed with warming memories of mischief

And sleep

Perchance to dream

Of girlhood days

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Devils Reign...

There lies no pity here

No care for human suffering.

Children scream, babies die

And parents bleed their miseries

Into deafened ears.

Demons roam the land and Devils reign.

This landscape is not of Heaven nor of Hell

It is of Earth, of our making

And the deeds of man

Who promised to

Cherish this gift of life

Serve only to abuse it

And we are lost.

Poem only  © Copyright Lynn Gerrard

How Cold The Ground...

How cold the ground

In which you lie

How cold and uninviting

And yet to be with you again

I would shed this flesh

So binding.

Poem only © Copyright Lynn Gerrard

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


In need of guidance

Today searched for the promise

Of Tomorrow

But could not find it.

Looking back

Today sought out the wisdom

Of Yesterday

But it too, could not be found.


Today considered the frailty

Of its condition

And finally acknowledged

That it would forever be


Poem only  © Copyright Lynn Gerrard

Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Grumbling Of Letters...**BLOG POST**

Inspired by recent events...I give you 'A Grumbling Of Letters'

Dear person-on-duty-behind-the-'We-Are-Here-To-Help'-desk,

May I suggest that in order to perpetuate the fiction that you actually ARE 'Here To Help' you replace your customer greeting of an inconvenienced "Go on then, what's up?" with a more courteous "Good morning/afternoon how may I help you?".

Perhaps, should you ever undergo the necessary surgery to remove a cupped palm from an unshaven chin as you lean upon your elbow in a state of disgruntlement, you could attempt to curve your tightened, bitter lips into, at least, a semblance of a smile?

Or would you need to consult with the 'Health and Safety at Work' manual before pursuing such a risky manoeuvre? ( presuming you would even consider exerting yourself so!)

Also, as innovative as it may be that you have applied your body odour as a means of repelling customers who bear complaints, I personally find the anaesthetising properties of your pungent pits to be overly productive, so maybe a visit to the Personal Hygiene section of your store would be in order...(I'm sure you'll receive a discount).

Dear person-whose-monster-truck-is-parked-on-pavement-blocking-all-pedestrian-access-making-it-particularly-difficult-for-disabled-people,

Whilst I sympathise with your need to compensate for whatever part of your anatomy reduces your lover to fits of uncontrollable laughter, by purchasing such a behemoth of a vehicle, could you attempt to park it IN YOUR OWN DRIVEWAY???

I realise that, given its size, this may involve your having the vehicle air lifted into position and no doubt you'll need to relocate the airport style stairway I'm certain you must use to help you mount the beast...but surely you could make an effort to do so before retiring for the day to sit in your pj's with favourite Ted and a hot chocolate, watching re-runs of 'Sons Of Anarchy'!


No doubt it will come as a great shock for you to discover that your precious bundle of bouncy-wouncy furriness has the potential to rip a babies face off, based upon the principal that anything with a f*****g mouth can bite!!

Yes I know that your cuddly-wuddly-diddums wouldn't 'hurt a fly' but flies are not really at risk here are they???

I grasp that it's hard for you to consider that your four legged chum could be more 'Feral' friend than 'Faithful' but that's just how it is!

Oh yes, I've read the heart warming stories where a poor pooch, bereft of his owners presence, has kept a solitary vigil splayed across his grave...very touching!

I've also read the heart stopping stories where a poor pooch, bereft of its senses for whatever reason, has unceremoniously leapt upon its owner and clawed him to pieces, as one would pulled pork, whilst casting a blood-crazed eye over the hamster for potential dessert!

Face it, essentially YOU are not in as much control of your canine as you why don't you do just that....THINK!!


You again?

Having already established in a previous missive that you are a most irresponsible individual who harbours no thought for the safety of others nor, as is the case on this occasion in particular, hold any conscience at the prospect of your dogs faeces being the causal factor in the loss of a child's eyesight, I think all there is left to say to you is that... 

© Copyright Lynn Gerrard